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Green Technology Fair

Students built a solar roof to power the eventStudents built a solar roof to power the eventOn May 5th, 2011, Mission Valley ROP hosted a Green Technology Open House. The event featured presentations and demonstrations from teachers and students in ROP courses that are "going green." 

Students from a construction trades class built a demonstration roof, complete with solar panels. Electricity generated from the solar panels provided energy for the event's PA system. Sustainable agriculture students taught lessons on composting and seed planting, while students in culinary arts used solar cookers to heat food and make sun tea using herbs grown in the school garden at neighboring Kennedy High School.

BioTech students showcased their work studying bio-fuel fuel production using algae and other organisms, while a group of students nearby hosted a recycling competition game.

Increasingly, traditional industries are becoming more interested in sustainability and Mission Valley ROP's hope is to prepare students to be competitive and innovative in their future work. The event was designed to raise awareness about green careers in traditional industries and to recruit new students to the ROP program.