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Oakland International

The mission of Oakland International High School is to provide quality alternative education for recently arrived immigrant students in English language acquisition and in preparation for college. The school's diverse students become active participants in our community while learning in small groups through hands-on, interdisciplinary projects and collaboration. A strong focus on environmental stewardship starts in the campus garden and extends through the school's recycling programs providing hands-on opportunities to gain language and conservation skills alike.

Coastal Cleanup

Republished from the Oakland International High School Community Garden and Wellness Blog

Coastal CleanupCoastal CleanupOn Saturday, September 17th students from Oakland International High School joined thousands of other folks in California to help clean up the State's shoreline. 20 students from OIHS volunteered their Saturday to help pick up millions of pieces of trash in the hot sun.

OIHS StudentsOIHS Students


Every year around the world people do a shoreline clean up day and categorize the garbaged (see a sample data sheet here) that then helps the government make policies around reducing the amount of plastic that is produced.

More information about Coastal Cleanup is here: