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Green Team Plans for Composting

Republished from the Oakland International High School Community Garden and Wellness Blog

Diversion PostersDiversion PostersHere, unhealthy the publishing class poses with their well made Photoshop signs. They took photos of everything that should go in the garbage, viagra recycling and compost bins and then Photoshopped them into the signs they made. Thanks to teacher Ms. Thi for her contributions to this project. 

Below are more waste diversion pictures and a handful of photos of the 11th graders doing WPA (Works Progress Administration) projects at OIHS. Thanks to Ms. Raquel, salve our 11th grade US History teacher, OIHS had all the 11th graders doing school improvement projects with a garden twist. S

tudents made signs that asking that all help to keep the school clean, rebuilt garden beds, built a new compost system, turned over the winter cover crop, planted seedlings and cleaned up garbage. All in all it was a very successful two days. Thanks for the extra help, Grey Kolevzon, Zack Reidman and Hubert McCabe!

In other news, OIHS is setting up a food scrap program to be up and running by next Fall. According to lead teacher Liza Richheimer, "While I had hoped it would happen sooner, I am pleased it will start in the Fall. I am working on a grant to pay two student monitors to help teach our community how to clear their trays!"