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San Lorenzo Waste Audit Report 2010-11

San Lorenzo Waste AuditSan Lorenzo Waste Audit25 students in San Lorenzo's Green Academy studied a sample of their cafeteria waste. They found a lot of paper packaging of cafeteria food (including bags, cups, and food wrap), as well as chips wrappers, plastic baggies, and styrofoam lunch trays. Students identified plastic recycling as an area for improvement, and couldn't help but notice the significant portion of compostable material in the waste stream. Given Mr. Fishman's track record with organizing student activism, using the waste audit data to lobby for a food scrap recycling program at school may be a good direction for the students to move. Students have divided themselves into several project groups to save energy or reduce waste on campus. Projects include expanding recycling outside the classroom, refashioning recycling bins to promote correct use, and reducing classroom electricity use.

See the full report here.