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The vision of the Skyline High School's Green Energy Academy is to provide students with an opportunity to succeed in green energy careers and post-secondary green energy education by presenting them with a comprehensive educational experience, consisting of engaging and rigorous academics and hands-on learning. Skyline’s goal is to graduate a diverse body of experienced, confident, and highly motivated students who possess a sound academic background built upon through the understanding of technology, ethics and the economics of renewable energy sources.

Tracy Ostrum - May 2014 EarthTeam Teacher of the Month

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Tracy OstromTracy OstromTracy Ostrom is the EarthTeam teacher of the month for May 2014. Tracy has a long history of working with EarthTeam over the past 7+ years and is a environmental force at Skyline High School in Oakland where she teaches. Tracy was instrumental in the formation of a Green Energy Academy at Skyline High School where she is the director. This past year, Tracy advised during a year long after school internship which found students continuing to build an outdoor classroom on campus. In it's second year, this outdoor classroom was thought up, researched and built completely by students with the support and mentorship of Tracy and EarthTeam staff. 

We are ever grateful for Tracy's leadership and support of students. She believes in empowering students to find solutions to the problems they see in the world and work towards goals they set. EarthTeam is honored to have worked with Tracy this year and all of the past years at Skyline.

See below for photos of the Skyline student interns dedicating their freshly finished bottle brick bench to her and former Earthteam staff Chiara Swartout. 

Skyline InternsSkyline Interns

Thank you Tracy. Keep up the amazing work!

For more photos of the outdoor classroom check out Skyline High School's EarthTeam Instagram account @EarthTeamSkylinehs


Emily Tam - EarthTeam June 2013 Student of the Month

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Emily TamEmily TamEarthTeam's Student of the Month is Emily Tam of EarthTeam's Environmental Justice League, an after-school restoration program at Skyline High School. Emily is a senior at Skyline High School, and from the minute she applied to the program, has shown responsbility, maturity, and an openness to learn about restoration and Redwood ecosystems. Through the internship, Emily constantly volunteered for projects and employed her fantastic creative intellect to make the development and completion of those projects personal.

Emily expresses the fruits of her hard work best in her own words: "When I first heard of the Earth Team internship program, I wanted to join because I felt that it would be nice to give back to my school and to learn about the special ecosystem that surrounds my school. I knew that the Skyline campus was special compared to other schools in Oakland and it was one of the main reasons why I chose Skyline. I grew up surrounded by redwoods and I knew they were special so that made me more inspired to join the Environmental Justice League. Through the Environmental Justice League, I learned a lot about teamwork. The League members had to work together to complete our tasks efficiently and in the best way possible. This skill I gained will benefit me in the future because there will be many chances where I would have to work in teams or groups. I truly enjoyed being a part of the Environmental Justice League because I learned so much about the importance of redwoods and how they should be appreciated for the role they play in our environment. It was great working with people around my age who shared a similar passion for the environment."

The Restoration Director is so honored to have worked with Emily every week for a year, and while she's sad to see her graduate, Chiara is excited to see what the future holds for such a responsible, passionate young woman as Emily!

Breaking Ground on Skyline's Outdoor Classroom

Skyline's Outdoor Classroom (Photo Credit- Phil Grasso)Skyline's Outdoor Classroom (Photo Credit- Phil Grasso)

Working in partnership with EarthTeam and Save the Redwoods League, Skyline High School's Green Energy Academy broke ground on an Outdoor Classroom on Saturday, April 13.

Outdoor Classroom DesignOutdoor Classroom Design

Students from the school's Environmental Justice League and after-school internship program spent the day placing previously cut tree rounds for seating, carving paths for a student walkway and planting native plants to support a redwood ecosystem and installing an all-weather chalkboard.

The after school internship program is in its first year at Skyline High School. Students dedicate 75 hours throughout the year designing, planning and implementing a school-based project. The Green Academy's internship program is an opportunity for students to gain work-based experiences while developing 21st Century skills such as leadership, communication, organization and planning skills. Each year a new group of students will participate in the program and continue with the restoration efforts at the school.

The effort builds on a partnership between EarthTeam and Skyline to study and restore natural habitats in the redwood forest and creeks near the school. Students have already participated in a range of activities to monitor the health of the creeks, clean up litter, remove invasive species and plant California native plants.

(Photo credit- Phil Grasso)(Photo credit- Phil Grasso)According to EarthTeam Restoration Director Chiara Swartout, planing for the project began back in October. About 15 students have been meeting afterschool two hours each week to design and execute the project.

"Students began by exploring their campus, making ecosystem observations and narrowing down their restoration site. After choosing the site, they began researching Redwood ecosystem organisms, especially birds, insects and plants. Students were divided into groups, researching a plant palette, bird boxes, and designing the physical layout of the site based on student and teacher input through surveys they composed and distributed."

The surveys revealed that teachers from across the campus were interested in using the space. Most said they would take classes out at least once each month and many indicated that they could use an outdoor classroom once each week throughout the school year. The outdoor classroom, located just outside the school's science wing will allow teachers from all disciplines to take students outside to study and learn from nature.

In addition to completing the installation of the outdoor classroom in the future, students plan to build bird boxes, document all site research completed to date, and design curriculum boxes to support outdoor education based on the research findings at the site.

Adreonna Blackmon- EarthTeam Student of the Month

Adreonna Blackmon- EarthTeam Student of the MonthAdreonna Blackmon- EarthTeam Student of the MonthEarthTeam's Student of the Month for March 2013 is Adreonna Blackmon of Skyline High's Environmental Justice League, an after-school group that's adopted a space of Redwoods on campus to help restore.

Adreonna has demonstrated unusual, quiet dedication and enthusiasm for the project. Adreonna is very observant of her surroundings, noting different crow calls and meeting behaviors, wasps nests, and other natural occurrences on campus, even before joining the program. Her artistic talent birthed our new logo, and her research skills have launched a plan for two bird nesting boxes to be built and installed on site.

She does not hesitate to volunteer for research projects that ask her time outside of our after-school meetings. We are so honored to have her in the League!

From Adreonna, " The reason why I joined Environmental Justice League is because I wanted to do something for my school before I graduated, also by joining EJL it would bring me a step closer to additional knowledge and understanding of different types of species. I'm passionate about learning, studying, and working on fieldwork with many types of specimens as well as discover new things with other people."

Republished from EarthTeam

Kateline Barrieau- EarthTeam Student of the Month

Republished from EarthTeam

Kateline BarrieauKateline BarrieauEarthTeam's January 2013 Student of the Month is Kateline Barrieau, a senior at Skyline High School and a member of the Environmental Justice League. Katelin has demonstrated a fantastic attitude about her responsibilities within the Environmental Justice League, constantly volunteering to take on tasks outside of our meeting times that are instrumental in moving the restoration project forward. She's also constantly asking about additional volunteer opportunities to enrich her environmental education in both the realms of restoration and agriculture. EarthTeam is thrilled to have her on board at Skyline!

"I joined the Environmental Justice League because I'm always looking for new and interesting ways to support the growth of environment and to be apart of the fight against the declining ecosystem of Red Woods. The ELJ gave such a unique opportunity to do so while furthering my education on the subject in a very fun way! I love how hands on this program is with allowing you to physically revive the environment by planting native plants, removing invasive ones and continuously taking care of the landscape, all with fun people included! I recommend anyone who already isn't apart of The Environmental Justice League to come check out one of our after school sessions and volunteer your time to a good cause, you won't regret it!" -- Kateline