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Skyline Juggles Drama & Waste Reduction

On Tuesday, February 23, 2010 Jan Hunter and her Advanced Drama class from Skyline High School participated in most unusual field trip- they traveled to San Francisco's world renowned Circus Center to see how the Clown Conservatory developed a waste reduction assembly program. 

Scene from "Lazy Pants"Scene from "Lazy Pants"The show, entitled "Lazy Pants," draws on Lewis's A Christmas Carol as a young girl is haunted and inspired by dreams encouraging her to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot.  Circus Center graduates incorporated juggling, dance, song, pratfalls and other clown arts into the show to help teach elementary students how to reduce waste at school and at home.

Jan Hunter JugglesJan Hunter JugglesAfter the show, the performers answered questions about waste reduction and the creation of the script, actions, set and sounds to help Skyline students take the first steps toward creating their own show to be performed later this year for schools in their attendance area.


In addition to the performance, students took a tour of the Circus Center and observed an acrobatics class, participated in a juggling tutorial and learned about recreational and professional programs at the center.

See Skyline's 1st draft of a concept for their production here