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Skyline's 1st Draft of Assembly Concept

Environmental Consciousness Presentation by Skyline High School Advanced Drama Class 

The concept of the presentation is to infuse visual slides, music, interpretive acting and dance into a live coalition to spark empowerment and inspiration, illuminate consciousness and reevaluation of individual lifestyles to protect the suffering environment.
The presentation opens with the effective slides that Caroline showed last month.
Set in the woody outdoors in a park, teenagers are having a social gathering. They barbeque and relax in the picturesque landscape, and carelessly throw their wastes into the natural environment. Blind-sided by the adverse harm they have just done music, lighting, a slide (?), and a blatant reversal in the tone of the actors transpose the setting decades into the future. Garbage and wastes, the products of ignorant human actions, flood the stage and the teenagers who were at the social gathering reemerge as silent, ghostly presences to see what they, the human race, have caused. The set becomes desolate, barren; no life exists. More teenage actors are on stage to represent the "future generation" who are forced to confront the issues neglected. Later, the setting will return to present day, as if the teenagers were waking from a dream, and new perceptions about individual lifestyles will be conceived and portrayed accordingly.
Intermittently, actors rotate roles as the narrator to preach a fact about the 4 R's and other human-caused effects.
Music will accompany a presentation consisting of dance and dialogue, but the power of the piece will come from the actors' interpretations. Songs that will compliment the intended goals include Earth Song, We Are the World - songs (and maybe instrumentals) with political messages that send chills down one's spines and evoke an emotional or logical response from audience members. Not all audio tracks need to be slow and dreary either@ The presentation can combine spirited, up-tempo tracks to celebrate the return to present day and after the teenagers realize that change begins with them.
The Set:
The set is simple: Picnic table, grill, trees and plants, garbage (food wrappers, plastic bottles, paper towels, etc.)!