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Emily Tam - EarthTeam June 2013 Student of the Month

~ Republished from EarthTeam ~

Emily TamEmily TamEarthTeam's Student of the Month is Emily Tam of EarthTeam's Environmental Justice League, an after-school restoration program at Skyline High School. Emily is a senior at Skyline High School, and from the minute she applied to the program, has shown responsbility, maturity, and an openness to learn about restoration and Redwood ecosystems. Through the internship, Emily constantly volunteered for projects and employed her fantastic creative intellect to make the development and completion of those projects personal.

Emily expresses the fruits of her hard work best in her own words: "When I first heard of the Earth Team internship program, I wanted to join because I felt that it would be nice to give back to my school and to learn about the special ecosystem that surrounds my school. I knew that the Skyline campus was special compared to other schools in Oakland and it was one of the main reasons why I chose Skyline. I grew up surrounded by redwoods and I knew they were special so that made me more inspired to join the Environmental Justice League. Through the Environmental Justice League, I learned a lot about teamwork. The League members had to work together to complete our tasks efficiently and in the best way possible. This skill I gained will benefit me in the future because there will be many chances where I would have to work in teams or groups. I truly enjoyed being a part of the Environmental Justice League because I learned so much about the importance of redwoods and how they should be appreciated for the role they play in our environment. It was great working with people around my age who shared a similar passion for the environment."

The Restoration Director is so honored to have worked with Emily every week for a year, and while she's sad to see her graduate, Chiara is excited to see what the future holds for such a responsible, passionate young woman as Emily!