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Skyline Waste Audit Report 2010-11

Skyline Waste AuditSkyline Waste AuditThe 9 students in Ms. Hunter's Advanced Drama class conducted a waste audit to provide a foundation of knowledge for the creation of a waste reduction performance. Students had a great time dissecting a sample of cafeteria waste that included 10 uneaten hot dogs, lots of paper lunch trays, and a lot of recyclable paper. Ms. Hunter put it aptly when she said, "When working with garbage, you have to have a sense of humor," and the students took this advice to heart. The fun continued as students brainstormed ways of engaging their peers with the Four Rs. Their original theatrical production is called "Trash Wars", and will debut at two of their feeder middle schools on February 17. Last year's Advanced Drama class also performed an orginal production, entitled "What if?" with wide spread critical acclaim.

Read the full report here.