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Chipman Audits Recycling Program

On February 18, and 2010, students from Chipman Middle School conducted an audit of their blue bin recycling program designed to divert paper away from the landfill and into the commercial recycling stream.  Over 70% by weight of the items in the bins were found to be the mixed paper for which the blue bin system was designed.  The major contaminant in the system was food waste and food soiled paper which accounted for about 17% of the weight in the bins- with milk containers representing a particular challenge.

Blue Bin Waste Audit 2010Blue Bin Waste Audit 2010

Chipman has a separate CRV system to collect bottles and cans and relatively few bottles and cans (<10% by weight) were found in the paper blue bin system.

In a limited waste audit of breakfast waste garbage bins destined for landfill, students found that food waste accounted for 74% of the waste, 11% of materials were found to be recyclable and the remaining 15% were items properly destined for the landfill.  Schools in Alameda are now begining the implementation of food scrap diversion to reduce the amount of food waste headed to landfill.

Chipman Waste Audit Data 2010