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Bancroft Joins SLWRP

Bancroft's team plans student recycling routesBancroft's team plans student recycling routesBuilding on a history of litter abatement, creek study, and other environmental efforts, Bancroft Middle School in San Leandro has joined the Service-Learning Waste Reduction Project.

Bancroft's team is led by PE teacher and Athletic Director Jim Sorensen and includes Leadership teacher Ms. Carter, Librarian Ms. Rosencrantz, Science teacher Mr. Huey, and the school's campus secuurity officer.

Mr. Sorensen organized the team to build on his years of work collecting recyclables to help raise funds for athletics on campus. In addition to traditional bottles and cans, Bancroft also participates in a wide range of TerraCycle brigades to collect a variety of product packaging that TerraCycle "upcycles" into new products.

This year, the school hopes to increase participation in classroom recycling, begin studying and implementing modest lunchtime food scrap diversion efforts and explore outdoor recycling stations.

Welcome Bancroft!