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Obama Academy Students Refurbish Bicycles

Dismantled BikesDismantled BikesStudents in David Hicks' Environmental Studies program at Barack Obama Middle School in East Oakland are working to refurbish a class set of bicycles.  Inspired by the Scraper Bike phenomenon in East Oakland, students are working to strip down the bicycles, customize them with original artwork, and rebuild them into usable transportation. Obama Academy Field TripsObama Academy Field Trips


Barack Obama Academy provides students multiple opportunities throughout the year to participate in outdoor education- including naturalist hikes and bicycle tours.

Removing a ChainRemoving a Chain

A modest class set of tools provides students opportunities to learn how to disassemble and fix bicycles.  Students have designed artwork and have developed a painting plan to update the look of the bicycles and keep them fashionable.  The ability to use tools and the imagination are key skills for developing a "reuse" philosophy!


Bike DesignBike Design Removing CranksRemoving Cranks Teacher, David HicksTeacher, David Hicks Sanding a FrameSanding a Frame Frame DesignFrame Design Scraper BikeScraper Bike