StopWaste at School


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Our School is a Mess

Centerville Junior High isn’t a recycling bin, viagra sale nor is it a trash can. It is a sophisticated place for learning, tadalafil and it shouldn’t be treated like this. Whenever you leave your trash lying around, it doesn’t magically disappear. Oh no! It sits there, waiting to get picked up by the hands of either the janitor or by a caring student.

“Wouldn’t you like a longer life for you or your future kids? Recycle!” says Alex Graff, an eighth grader. Even when you take the time to walk over to a trash can to throw your garbage away, a large percent of the materials you throw away can be recycled and eventually reused to make new things.

To achieve the goal of recycling all recyclable products, we have placed recycling bins beside every trash can at school. Sakshi Choudhary says “Be Superman to the world by recycling!”

Some items you can recycle include plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper, plastics 1-7, and glass. Because we are not composting yet, please do not throw your food or food-stained products in the recycle bins.

By Jake Gordon
(This article originally appeared in the November 2010 edition of the Centerville Student Newspaper)