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Green Business visits Chavez Middle School

On March 3, 2010 Y.E.P. students were visited by Bonnnie and Steve Melgoza, owners of Goza Gear, a certified green business producing high quality organic cotton t-shirts.  Located in Livermore, Goza Gear's mission is to:

  • Goza GearGoza GearProvide quality alternative and conventional fabric apparel to the environmentally and socially conscious business community, helping these businesses to reinforce their business philosophy by 'Walking the Talk'.
  • [Goza's] goal is to set an example for businesses, by implementing sustainable business practices that not only reduce the consumption of natural resources, but also helps rebuild the state of our planets agriculture. As a result, making the case that a business can survive and be profitable without contributing to the current global economic and environmental crisis.

Steve gave a presentation on how the company uses organic cotton for making all of their clothing. He brought samples showing how plastic bottles are transformed into thread for sewing. Student's and staff alike agreed that more businesses should adopt policies that minimize environmental damage. 

To learn more about Goza Gear, visit: