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Harvest Park

Harvest Park Middle School, America’s first GoGreen Initiative school, provides an array of environmental services and learning opportunities for its students and campus community. The campus features an amazing school garden with a pond, greenhouse, and composting stations where middle schools students and teachers help teach gardening and garden science to elementary school students. Indoor and outdoor recycling stations are paired with each garbage can. The school seeks to reduce the amount of bottles and cans collected in the recycling stream by promoting the use of reusable water bottles and making waste reduction education part of the school’s curriculum.

Harvest Park Students Create Recycling Outreach Video

HPMS Lunch time disposal stationHPMS Lunch time disposal stationLeadership students at Harvest Park Middle School produced a short Public Service Announcement to help educate their peers about the new and improved waste sorting stations at lunch. 

This year, Harvest Park has removed a number of unpaired trash cans from the lunch area and set up 4 disposal stations with recycling, compost, landfill, and liquids buckets. The school has already seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of recycled materials collected and a reduction in the amount of material being sent to the landfill.

The video is being shown every week during the school's video announcements.


Dina Parks and Helen Kang - EarthTeam February 2014 Students of the Month

~Republished from EarthTeam ~

Helen Kang and Dina Parks are EarthTeam's Students of the Month for February 2014. Helen and Dina are 8th graders at Harvest Park Middle School in Pleasanton, CA. They are both in leadership class and participated in EarthTeam's Transportation Action Project during December of 2013.

These ladies have a bright future ahead of them. Thank you both for helping curb climate change. Keep up the good work!