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Pop Music Wins Trash Bash Voting at Horner

Samiha explains how to "vote with trash"Samiha explains how to "vote with trash"During the week of April 22, 2013, students at Horner Junior High celebrated a full week of Earth Day activities focused mainly on improving lunch time waste diversion.

One of the most popular activities, organized by two 8th grade students, encouraged students to "vote" for their favorite genre of music by correctly sorting their waste.

Four waste stations corresponded to the genres of Pop, Hip Hop, Indie, and Justin Beiber/One Direction. After eating, students brought their trash, food scraps and recyclables to the waste station aligning with their favorite genre of music with the promise of having the winning genre being played at Friday's lunchtime activities.

"Voting" begins!"Voting" begins!At the end of the day, Pop music had the most "votes," having collected the higest volume of correctly sorted waste.

The event, organized by 8th grade students Allison and Samiha had added benefits as well. According to Samiha, "Usually our lunch area is FULL of litter and today it was super clean. It really made a difference in the amount of trash left behind in the courtyard."

Allison and Samiha were inspired to create the trash voting stations by a presentation given by another school at a leadership conference earlier in the year. "They set up trash cans for voting to address litter," explained Allison. "We were inspired by the idea, but really wanted to improve on it to also encourage people to recycle and sort their food scraps. It was a huge success!"

Earth Day Posters at HornerEarth Day Posters at Horner