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Students Celebrate Recycling Success with Pizza Party

Ms. Ruzicka's 5th period class at Horner Junior High won a pizza party to celebrate their excellent work in the school's quarterly recycling competition.

Ms. Ruzicka's classMs. Ruzicka's class

Each week, classrooms deliver recyclables to Neha Ojeda's classroom to be sorted. Ojeda's students collect bottles and cans for cash redemption and place paper in the school's recycling dumpster. Ojeda provides tickets to each classroom that has minimal contamination in their recyclable materials.

Shrawak and Edward at workShrawak and Edward at workRuzicka's class earned tickets each week, and was selected in a random drawing as the 1st quarter winner. The pizza party was provided by the campus Leadership Class to help celebrate and advance waste reduction efforts on campus. Ojeda provided Ruzicka with a gift card paid for from bottle and can recycling to honor her efforts to encourage classroom recycling.

Ruzicka gave a lot of credit for the effort to two particular students, Shrawak and Edward, who make sure the recyclables get delivered on time each week.

"The whole class does a good job with this," noted Ruzicka, "only occasionally do I have to point out that someone mistakenly tossed a bottle in the trash and we almost never see trash in our recycling."