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Bulletin Announcements Help Improve Recycling At Horner Jr High

The use of bulletin announcements can be an effective way to remind students of recycling rules on campus. The announcements help make recycling part of the ongoing conversation and culture on campus.

Student recycling team leaders and teachers have noticed a marked improvement in the school's recycling program in the weeks since student leaders began using periodic bulletin announcements to highlight facts about the school's recycling system.

"My students collect the bottles and cans and pick-up paper from the classrooms," says teacher Neha Shah, "Over the last couple of weeks, students have done a much better job using the recycling system. We're seeing less trash in the recycling and fewer recyclables in the trash. Students are also doing a better job with lunch time composting. The bulletin announcements are making a big difference."

Some sample announcements written by students from Horner Jr. High:

Students, how long do you think it takes for an aluminum can to return to the store as a new can once its been recycled?


It only takes 60 days for a can to be recycled and turned into a new can. Keep up the good work with the recycling!

Students, did you know in 2009 American's threw away 9 million tons of glass? That's enough glass to fill tractor trailers stretching from New York to Los Angeles and back to New York! Make sure you remember to recycle glass, aluminum, and plastics so we create less garbage.

Green Trivia: If you use a Styrofoam cup, where should it go when you're done? In the garbage or recycling bin?


The answer is the garbage bin.

Green Trivia: Does food go into the recycling bin?


The answer is no. Food should be thrown into the garbage or compost bin.

Green Trivia: What do you do with your plastic fork or spoon when you're done using it?


The answer is throw it in the garbage bin.

Green Trivia: Who should clean up your garbage when you're done with lunch?

A. Al
B. Custodians

C. Yourself


The answer is C. Yourself. We all need to clean up our own mess, so please be sure to pick up your trash.