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Waste Audit Helps Prepare for Food Scrap Diversion

Horner Waste AuditHorner Waste AuditLast week, students from Mr. Shaffer's Leadership class at Horner Jr. High sorted through a sample of courtyard trash cans to study the types of trash thrown away outside during lunch.

The waste audit, facilitated by EarthTeam, showed an overwhelming abundance of food waste in the trash, equalling 71% of the total waste stream. Disturbing and surprise findings included milk everywhere, plastic wrapping (from utensil bundles), pizza boxes with mixed wrapping materials, a reusable bottle, and a lot of unopened and uneaten food (like sandwiches).

During an action‐planning session on 9/13/12, students brainstormed food waste reduction strategies, such as having the cafeteria offer indiviudal utensils (instead of requiring students to take utensils they don't need), and installing compost bins with bin moniters and signs with pictures.