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"Project R"

'Project R' Clock'Project R' ClockWhile the John Muir SLWRP Team has been patiently awaiting the arrival of their new recycling bins, they've been busily preparing their students for the changes ahead!

The 6th grade science students have focused on a number of SLWRP / science standards, including: identifying natural and energy resources, classifying resources (into renewable and nonrenewable), observing school and home behaviors related to the 4R's, as well as identifying and creating new ways to reduce the use of resources. Students are also learning to classify items in the trash as: trash/landfill, recyclable, compost.·"These identification and classification skills are necessary background knowledge for creating both Muir's school wide educational campaign and recycling collection system," notes science teacher Alicia Skuce. "These skills will especially come in handy once the new recycling bins arrive and students begin to monitor them at lunch!"

'Project R' PEncil Holder'Project R' PEncil HolderAnother highlight for the 6th grade science students has been "Project R (Reuse)."·· For "Project R," students were asked to choose one focus item (saved from the landfill or recycling) and create a project that showed a new and creative reuse for it. It was a great way to not only prep these students for science fair, and help them master a science project rubric, but also to open their eyes about the many creative possibilities inherent in a piece of "trash." Students were excited about this assignment and made a variety of projects including: robots from bottles, bags from Capri-Sun juice containers, bags from plastic bags or clothes, musical instruments, soda can clocks, and various other toys.
Ms. Skuce plans to continue projects like these and keep inspiring her students as they gear up for unveiling a new, campus-wide recycling system this spring and their annual Locker Clean-Out in June!