StopWaste at School


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Montera Middle School, nestled at the base of the Oakland hills, provides a beautiful environment for students to learn about nature and its systems. A team of electives teachers have united around a theme of waste reduction to develop a coordinated interdisciplinary experience for students.  Students in Leadership classes are actively involved in finding and solving problems with the waste stream on campus while the wood shop plans to build planter boxes, recycling stations, and other products from reclaimed materials. Together these teachers and student leaders aim to transform campus culture in support of more sustainable systems.

SLWRP Welcomes Montera Middle School

Montera Middle School, located in Oakland, hopes to build on the school's traditions of reuse and recycling to improve its 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot) programming for students. Teachers from electives classes such as Leadership, Spanish, Wood Shop, and Drama have banded together to begin developing collaborative projects focused on waste reduction.

The school plans to conduct a waste audit to learn more about what is in the school’s garbage and to help students identify and solve environmental challenges using the skills they learn in their electives classes.