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Montera Celebrates Mr. Mike

Congratulations Mr. Mike!Congratulations Mr. Mike!

A basic principle of reducing food waste is to make food so good that people want to eat it all up. 

At Montera Middle School, Mr. Mike strives to do just that. In October, Mike was recognized by Oakland Unified School District's Nutrition Services Department for his efforts to run a fantastic cafeteria.

Joyce Peters a Registered Dietician with Oakland Unified School District's Nutrition Services department heaped additional praise on Mr. Mike: "Mike rarely takes off from work because Montera kids always come first. Mr. Mike has a great rapport with the students he feeds and those working in their first jobs at his kitchen. He is very proud of his cooking as a former  restaurant chef specializing in Louisiana cuisine. Despite how school meal regulations, budget, facilities and staffing may hamper his creativity, he really tries hard to please the students."