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Montera Waste Audit Reports 2010-11

The 31 students in Ms. Kohl's Leadership class braved heat and bees to audit garbage from the school cafeteria on Oct. 12th, 2010. Students discovered quite a bit of compostable material and uneaten food. Leadership students were excited about setting up a school garden, and composting on their school site. Late in the fall, Montera began work on a school wide, municipal compost program, and Leadership students will help to roll it out on March 17th. St. Patricks Day will be the start of Montera's 'How Green can you be?' campaign to start up school wide composting. Students and SLWRP teachers have been busy coordinating educational videos, lesson curriculum for students, and cafeteria monitors to insure that the program goes smoothly. Montera stands to see a big change in their waste audit data if they find success in their new program!

Check out the full report here.

Next followed a second audit of Montera's waste stream, which concentrated on outdoor garbage around the cafeteria area on Nov. 18th, 2010. 33 students in Mr. Moravetz's Spanish class identified a considerable amount of partial and uneaten food. This food waste data is an excellent reminder of the need for a composting program. These students will use their communication skills to help spread the word and change student behaviors as they roll out their new food scrap recycling program on March 17.

See the full report here.

Last but not least, the 24 students in Ms. Waldorf's Drama class audited cafeteria waste in preparation for making an educational video about the new food scrap recycling program at school.

Read the full report here.

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