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Dia de Los Muertos at Walters Jr. High

Milk Jug SkeletonsMilk Jug SkeletonsIn celebration of Dia de los Muertos, students in Darlene Wilhelm's art classes tackled a range of projects incorporating salvaged and repurposed materials.

Foods teacher Judi McDowell provided empty one gallon milk jugs for the art students to transform into decorated skeletons.

The school's custodian collected discarded "pizza rounds" – the cardboard disk under each school pizza-for students to make cut-out "sugar skulls."

McDowell also provided salvaged Styrofoam blocks which students carved into print blocks to crate Dia de los Muertos themed prints.

The collection of work will be displayed starting November 6th at StopWaste.Org, the Alameda County Waste Authority.

A special collection of the work will be exhibited aboard Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior at a public art event on Veteran's Day in San Francisco.

Details here.

Milk Jug Skeleton Instructions:

Last year, intern Melissa Isaacs reviewed numerous websites (see below) that provide instructions for converting milk jugs into skeletons and worked with Wilhelm to pilot test the project. This year, Wilhelm's students used acrylic paint to add the Dia de los Muertos style to their creations.