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Waste Audit done at Walters

The leadership students at Walters Jr. High sorted 8 or more bags of trash collected from one days lunch. Friday March 12th, 30 students donned aprons, put on gloves, and sorted through 42 pounds of trash. But really 8 lbs or 19% was recyclables like paper, Aluminum, steel, and plastic. Lunch trays, milk cartons foil, cans and water bottles. The greatest poundage was in the food waste catagory with a whopping 22.5 lbs or 52.9% of the total. Paper trays napkins and FOOD all could have been saved from the land fill if we had a compost system set up at our school. The only real land fill items weighed 12 lbs. or 28% of the total.  packaging, ziplock bags, and plastic utensils. Wow, let's get this changed so we can end up with 12 pounds instead of 42. This would save us 3 huge trash bins for our school.