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Classroom Recycling at Walters Jr. High

Students collect recycling bins from classroomsStudents collect recycling bins from classroomsEvery Tuesday and Thursday morning, cost you can find Lisa Alves’ Leadership class roaming the halls before the bell at Walters Jr. High in Fremont. It’s only the third week of school, sales and already they are in the groove of visiting assigned classrooms to empty their recycling bins. They are so on top of their game that as the first bell rang, most students have already finished the job! The last pair of students, President and Vice President of the eighth grade class, visit two classrooms to retrieve their blue bins. It’s second nature to the pair as they empty the recyclables in the dumpster and return it to the classroom.

Students enter the room quietly and retrieve the bin that is typically close to the door, barely disturbing the class in session. Students are happy to do this service, and it makes a difference that the leaders on campus are partaking in this process and being role models for their fellow peers. Students in Leadership class say that recycling happens in most of the classrooms, and it is creating a sense of responsibility throughout the school. The campus itself is very clean, and Walters recycling practices have created a more sustainable school community.