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Cooking with Rescued Food

Ms. McDowell teaches students to cook with rescued foodMs. McDowell teaches students to cook with rescued foodOn November 5th students at Walters Junior High were probably asking, ‘What is on the menu for Ms. McDowell’s Foods Class’? The answer was some delicious Apple and Carrot Cake, but the ingredients were different than usual. To make these desserts, they used snacks left on the Food Share table during lunchtime.

McDowell's class was commissioned to prepare dessert for the StopWaste Ambassador Program's Food Waste Forum so students in Ms. McDowell’s first and third periods were cooking up a storm. You could find them whipping up frosting, shredding carrots in a food processor, and putting their concoctions into the pre-heated oven. The best part, of course, is getting to enjoy their final product too; but not all eight cakes made were for them to consume. The rest of the baked goods were being wrapped up and brought to Stop Waste in Oakland to be enjoyed at the monthly SWAP Teacher’s Meeting that evening.

Forty small bags of baby carrots and thirty five red delicious apples leftover from lunch were used to make the cakes. This practice was a great example for the SWAP meeting that was focused on Food Waste Reduction. Judi McDowell works hard to save the food left on the Food Share table by storing it in her Foods Class fridge for students or teachers who want it later. This time though, there was a new idea for the leftover snacks. 

Students in her class were learning to beat, cook, and shred just as the usual curriculum does, but they also had the opportunity to learn about food waste and take action to reuse unwanted food.