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Winton Students Study Campus Waste Stream

Students in Mr. Grant's classes at Winton Middle School are interested in greening the school campus. Over the past year, students have added murals to the campus, improved the school's garden and participated in a community clean up project. To further advance their efforts, students studied the waste stream on campus to learn how the school could better use and process materials.

An audit of classroom garbage bags from across the campus found that the majority of material in the trash cans was recyclable paper. One student noted that much of the paper was used only on one side. The campus technology instructor expressed concern about waste of paper in the staff lounge. Students plan to use the data to design an effective waste reduction and recycling system on campus.

A separate audit of cafeteria waste found that 70% of the material in the garbage could be composted or recycled. Using this information, students expressed a desire to establish a food scrap diversion program for the campus.

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