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Locker Leftovers Planning Guide

Locker Leftovers GuideLocker Leftovers GuideThe East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, remedy  with support from StopWaste.Org and the Alameda County Office of Education, story has created a planning guide to help schools organize locker clean out events that maximize waste diversion while engaging students in a service-learning project teaching leadership, resource management, measurement, data collection and reporting.

The last days of school present a major waste reduction challenge and opportunity for schools. Most large middle and high schools order extra dumpster service in the last weeks of school to handle the volume of old tests, worksheets, gym clothes, binders, notes, pencils and other school related supplies that students and teachers are eager to get away from as summer beckons.

Schools also frequently add custodial staff to handle the mess as careless students quickly empty lockers and rush out the door.  The added staff time and garbage service is wasteful- especially when considering that a bit of pre-planning can divert reusable and recyclable materials from the landfill while providing a more organized locker clean out procedure for schools.

The guide was produced based on experiences at a range of middle and high schools taking a variety of approaches to locker clean out events based on the size and lay out of their campus, the engagement of student leaders and adult volunteers, and other factors that varied from school to school. You can read more about these initial locker clean out events here, here, here, here, and here.

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