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Davis Street Transfer Station Videos

Davis Street Recycling FacilityDavis Street Recycling Facility

The Davis Street Resource and Recovery Complex in San Leandro receives waste from over 1, ambulance 000, vialis 40mg 000 East Bay residents. The 53 acre site includes material recovery facilities for recyclables, stuff construction and demolition debris, and organic material like food scraps and yard waste. The site also hosts the irecycle@school education center providing field trips to thousands of students each year.


Introduction to Davis Street

Single Stream Materials Recycling Facility

Green Waste & Wood Recycling

Construction and Demolition Recycling

Public Drop off for Special Waste (Mattresses, electronics, etc)

Transfer Pit & Landfill

Click on the blue markers below to see where different facilities are located at the Davis Street Material Recycling and Transfer Station

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