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Project Create was developed in 1998 by the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse with funding from the Alameda County Waste Management Authority (StopWaste.Org). The mission of Project Create was to increase the awareness about how much is thrown away and to affect a life-long commitement to sustainable, responsible, waste-reduction attitudes and behavior. To do this, the East Bay Depot provided activity kits with instructions and materials from commonly discarded items found at home or school. Activities from Project Create have been digitized here for download and we hope that you find them as useful and relevant today as when they were first created. To learn more about the East Bay Depot For Creative Reuse's current educator programs visit:

How many of the items on the lists below do you do at your school?  Use the "How to" tips below to get started with waste reduction at your school.  If you have a great idea that's not listed here, register as a user of the site, then log in to post your idea in the comment section.

The StopWaste at School website republishes information about grants, recognition programs and awards drawn from a variety of sources including Youth Service America, the North American Association for Environmental Education, Grant Wrangler, CREEC, and more.  Always check with the funding organization for up to date information regarding eligibility and deadlines. Enter your email address in the "Subscribe" box to the left to be notified when new content posts to this website.

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