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District Level Resources

If you are ready to reduce the amount of waste your school district creates, StopWaste.Org is ready to help

irecycle@school offers Alameda County school districts that commit to district-wide recycling a comprehensive program of hands-on technical assistance and educational resources. We will help you prevent waste from being created in the first place; reduce waste that is created through reuse, recycling, and composting; and close the recycling loop by purchasing recycled products.

We are looking for school districts willing to declare their commitment to waste reduction, work toward placing a recycling bin in every classroom, train staff to support school recycling programs, and measure their progress in reducing waste. In return, we help you design, implement, and sustain your recycling program and provide several fun, engaging, and effective activities to educate students and staff about waste reduction. 

By implementing the 4Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot (compost) – throughout your district, you’ll reduce the amount of mixed paper, food waste, and yard waste you must pay to dispose of, while empowering students to participate in waste reduction and to appreciate the value of our world’s natural resources.

The following school districts are participating in the 2009-1010 Schools Program. Click on your school district's name to download classroom recycling signage as well as contact information regarding your district's recycling collection service.

To request assistance reducing waste in your Alameda County School District,
contact StopWaste.Org at (510) 891-6500