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Project Create Now Online

Project CreateProject CreateDear Educator-

The Project Create activities were developed in the 1990's when waste-reduction was surfacing as an important and necessary component of students' education. StopWaste.Org (formerly the Alameda County Waste Management Authority) funded the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse to develop and implement a program, including a set of activities for upper elementary to middle school students.

The Project Create curricula centered on reuse, second only to "reduce" in the hierarchy of solid waste management. The activities sought to educate, entertain and motivate students to be life-long waste reducers.

The Project Create activities are relevant today. As we gain awareness of the need for conscious consumption and disposal, and develop systems for dealing with waste responsibly, we are also continuing to consume and produce more discards.

The Project Create activities educate students about the amount of garbage they produce and how to reduce its impact on the environment. Several activities involve students in using discarded material to create something fun, useful or beautiful. Many of them engage students in math, and some introduce students to international crafts. Materials lists and teaching guides are included in each activity write up.

The Project Create activities can be presented as a unit on waste management or as stand-alone activities. They are easy to modify for younger or older students. Even adults can enjoy them!

The Service-Learning Waste Reduction Project will post at least one activity from Project Create each week until the entire curriculum is available online. We hope that you enjoy these materials and are able to give them new life in your classroom using the free downloads available here.


Cynthia Ashley- Former Director of Project Create
Natasha Stillman - Education Coordinator, East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse