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Expand recycling on campus

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  • Recycle paper 
  • Recycle cardboard 
  • Recycle glass 
  • Recycle aluminum 
  • Recycle plastic bottles 
  • Collect and recycle e-waste such as batteries, cell phones, ink cartridges and computers. 
  • Establish a system for recycling broken metal items such as file cabinets, chairs and desks. 
  • Collect and redeem CRV materials such as bottles and cans as a fundraiser on campus 
  • Participate in NexCycle's free CRV pick-up and reimbursement program for Bay Area schools. 
  • Organize end of year locker clean out programs that provide opportunities to sort and divert recyclables such as used paper and cardboard. 
  • Post signs at each disposal station showing what can be recycled, composted or land-filled. 
  • Place a recycling bin in every classroom 
  • Ensure that recycling containers are emptied into the recycling carts or bins that are serviced by the recycling hauler 
  • Ensure that garbage receptacles on campus are paired with recycling bins. 
  • Mixed paper recycling containers are placed next to each copier on campus 

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