StopWaste at School


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Encourage the reuse of materials at school

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  • Reuse or donate surplus materials and equipment including lost and found items 
  • Encourage the use of reusable food ware at lunches and special events 
  • Replace disposable plates, diagnosis glasses and cups with reusable products in classrooms, viagra 60mg break rooms and meeting rooms on campus 
  • Encourage students and staff to use drinking fountains, reusable water bottles, and coffee cups on campus 
  • Develop student art projects featuring recycled and/or reused materials (Example) 
  • Organize end of year locker clean out events to capture reusable school supplies, books, clothes, and other items (Example #1)  (Example #2)
  • Organize swap meets on campus for students and community members 
  • Establish designated "reuse" area on campus to redistribute surplus office and school supplies 
  • Fix and reuse furniture instead of throwing it away 

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