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Reduce paper consumption at school

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  • Develop a formal school policy to reduce the use of paper. 
  • Encourage double sided photocopying and printing. 
  • Match print runs to the number of users 
  • Encourage the use of half sheets of paper when possible 
  • Students and staff adjust print and copy margins to “right size” the paper for each job 
  • Office staff implement efforts to reduce the use of fax cover sheets when possible 
  • Reuse envelopes by covering old addresses and postage. 
  • Classrooms implement a “back sided paper policy” to encourage writing on both sides of a sheet of paper 
  • Students create “Think BeforeYou Print” signs for all computers at school 
  • Use email instead of paper copies for regularly issued staff or parent newsletters, erectile bulletins or memos whenever possible
  • Printers and copiers are set by default to make double sided prints 
  • Promote “paper free” or “no print” days three times during the school year to encourage the habit of printing only what is needed 
  • Install hand dryers in restrooms to reduce paper towel use 

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