StopWaste at School


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Green your school

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  • Form a “green team” (Example)
  • Help establish and support environmental clubs for students
  • Organize "green jobs" for students such as participating in the organization, order monitoring, dosage and/or implementation of campus recycling and/or food scrap diversion programs 
  • Help students form partnerships with community groups, non-profit organizations or businesses on waste reduction, recycling and composting projects 
  • Establish  a role for students, staff and/or parent volunteers to oversee waste sorting during lunch and break periods to help ensure that students properly compost and recycle their waste 
  • Adjust garbage and recycling collection service to match the needs of the campus 
  • “Right size" the recycling containers and garbage bins in classrooms to encourage recycling  
  • Establish an “Environmentally Preferable” Purchasing Policy 
  • Establish waste reduction guidelines for community events taking place on school grounds 
  • Teach environmental principles and concepts across the curriculum

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