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Best Practices for Successful Food Scraps Recycling

Best Practices for Successful Food Scraps Recycling

~Compiled From the Green Teams at Glenview Elementary, drugs Bay Farm School, John Muir MS, the Service-Learning Waste Reduction Project, and EarthTeam

"Our school of more than 500 students went from sending 7-8 barrels of trash to the landfill every day at lunch to only one." ~Bay Farm School

School cafeterias are one of the largest point source generators of waste on campus.  Waste audits in the cafeteria usually reveal that more than 80% (by weight) of the waste could be composted or recycled, making it an attractive place to focus campus efforts to improve sustainability.

EarthTeam has compiled a best practices guide from schools that have successfully implemented sustainable food scrap programs.  The guide helps schools:

  • Identify and engage key stakeholders
  • Build a foundation of physical and social infrastructure to support implementation
  • Gather data and make a plan
  • Educate the school
  • Develop a sustainable program

Click here to download a copy of this guide.

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