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Bin Selection Tips

There is an incredibly wide range of bins on the market to support recycling systems. Careful research will help you find bins that meet your needs and fit code requirements for your school.

Custom Built Bins at Livermore HighCustom Built Bins at Livermore HighSelect bins that are:

  • easy to service (not too heavy, easy to clean, durable)
  • uniform in color and/or shape so that students don't have to learn different systems for each room on campus
  • sized appropriately to handle the amount of waste generated in each location (the paper bin in the copy room should probably be larger than the paper bin in the nurse's office)
  • appropriate for the intended location (outdoor stations should have drainage or coverage to deal with rain water, for example)
Bottle & Can RecyclingBottle & Can Recycling

Special bin types:

  • American High in Fremont uses bins shaped like large soda bottles to encourage students to properly recycle bottles and cans
  • Schools in Alameda use recycling boxes in classrooms and rolling toters in each hallway to manage recyclables. Students empty the bins to the toters which custodians roll to the recycling dumpster.
  • Sorting stations- many vendors sell 3 stream sorting stations to handle trash, recyclables and food scraps. These stations present a polished appearance, but have the challenge of maintenance (if one part is damaged or vandalized, the whole station is often taken off-line for repair)