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February 2013 SLWRP Meeting Notes- Castlemont Tour

On Wedensday, February 6, 2013, the Service-Learning Waste Reduction Project network met at Castlemont High School for a campus tour and conversation about race, class, gender, lannguage and environmental education.

Campus tour

Castlemont's Tim Bremner led an inspirational tour of Castlemont High School and provided an overview of the work taking place in the Sustainable Urban Design Academy. Comprehensive notes and photos are posted here.

Announcements/Upcoming Events:

  • March 7-  SLWRP network meeting at StopWaste.Org, 1537 Webster, Oakland, 5:00-7:30 PM. From 5:00-6:00 PM, we will enjoy a closing reception for the gallery of artwork installed from Wood and Walters Middle Schools. From 6:00-7:30, we will explore resources available for Transportation Action Projects and begin designing actvities to support this effort.
  • March 17- Zero Waste Youth Convergence. The 2013 International Zero Waste Conference comes to the SF Bay Area the week of March 17. As part of the week, SLWRP is helping to organize the Zero Waste Youth Convergence- a mini-conference on March 17 for students and young professionals to learn about Zero Waste innovations and share best practices. Registration is only $10. Details here: 
  • March 20- SLWRP network meeting at Wood Middle School in Alameda  4:30-7:30. We will participate in Wood's innovative Ocean Guardian Program with field work at the beach located one block from campus before returning to campus for presentations from the National Marine Sanctuaries, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.  We'll learn about the impacts of litter and debris on the world's oceans and discuss what we can do at our schools to make a positive change.
  • April 19- The Altamont Education Advisory Board is distributing over $400,000 in grants this year, including $150,000 in "mini-grants" ranging from $500-$3000. Many schools in SLWRP have applied for and won funding to help reduce waste on campus in the past. Applications are due by April 19.
  • May 18/19- Maker Faire returns to the San Mateo County Fair. Discount tickets, call for makers and more is now online:
  • May 25/26- LEAF- The Leadership and Environmental Action Forum SLWRP student leadership weekend returns to Camp Arroyo. Stay tuned for details.

Cultural Proficiency in Environmental Education Conversation

After the campus tour and announcements, we discussed cultural proficiency for teachers working to support the development of students' environmental identities. This will be an ongoing conversation in the SLWRP network as we work to engage all students in leadership and participation in environmental efforts.

A version of the following questions and diagrams guided our conversation. (Click to enlarge)



Slide1Slide1Slide2Slide2 Slide3Slide3

An excellent resource discussing these issues is the archive of the journal Race, Poverty and the Environment published by Urban Habitat. Many articles are available as free .pdf downloads. An excellent starting point is the Winter/Srping 1996 issue focused on Multicultural Environmental Education. If you only have time for one article, start with "Making Multicultural Environmental Education a Reality" on pages 3-6.

More about cultural proficiency in environmental education can be found here.