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May 2012 SLWRP Meeting

Spirit of the Sea SLWRP Meeting

During our excursion with Spirit of the Sea (SOTS), we will provide input on program development and field trip logistics as they develop programming to support education, experience and adventure for Bay Area youth.  Please be ready to discuss the following questions: 

  • How can SOTS support your Waste Reduction & STEM efforts?
  • Do you have suggestions for curricula themes?
  • Looking ahead, what would it take to set eager studennts up with individual projects and local mentors in the sciences? The arts?

More information about the Spirit of the Sea can be found on their website:  More information about Captain Richard Gillette can be found in this CBS-SF news segment highlighting the Jefforson Service Award:

Please review the following slides before our meeting on Wednesday: Spirit of the Sea Overview 1.25 Mb


Here are the details for Wednesday's SLWRP meeting aboard the Spirit of the Sea:

Who: The following SLWRP teachers RSVP'd to confirm their participation and reserve a spot for Wednesday's SLWRP meeting. Space on the boat is limited and we will not be able to accommodate guests or last minute "walk-ups" If you believe you were accidentally left off this list, please contact me ASAP- we may be able to squeeze one or two more aboard.

  • Alicia Skuce
  • Braxston Banks
  • Dale Fiess
  • Diana Brumbaugh
  • Jamilah Bradshaw
  • Jane Nikkel
  • Jeannette Frechou
  • Jennifer VerDuin
  • Judi McDowell
  • Kate Trimlett
  • Liza Richheimer
  • Michelle Galaria
  • Nancy Ely
  • Nate Ivy
  • Nga Nguyen
  • Patricia Williamson
  • Sara Heller
  • Tim Bremner
  • Tom Miro

When: We'll set sail just after 5 PM on Wednesday, May 16. Please arrive at the dock gate between 4:45-5:00 PM.  We will be off the boat by 8:00 PM.

Where: The Spirit of the Sea is docked behind the Waterfront Hotel at the end of Washington Street at Oakland's Jack London Square. Parking is available in paid lots and at metered street spaces. A tagged google map indicates the location of the dock here:

Why: Our actions on land have a profound impact on life at sea. The Spirit of the Sea (SOTS) crew is dedicated to providing sailing experiences to students to help them connect with the Bay in their backyard. SLWRP teachers will provide input and suggestions to SOTS crew on both the logistics and programming of potential sailing field trips while learning more about the SOTS and opportunities for students.

Other IMPORTANT details:

  • Please download and sign the liability release waiver .
  • This SLWRP meeting will NOT include dinner. Please bring a snack or plan to eat out on your own after the meeting. Food is allowed on the boat if you bring your own.
  • Bring warmer clothes than you think you'll need. The temperature can be 15-30 degrees cooler in the moist winds out on the bay. A hat and jacket are recommended.
  • Please review the pre-trip slides to become more familiar with Spirit of the Sea.  Available here.