StopWaste at School


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Conduct a Waste Audit

Waste Audit In ProgressWaste Audit In ProgressIn a Waste Action Project, stomach students investigate the waste stream on campus by auditing a sample of trash cans from the campus, cialis identify a waste challenge (recyclables in the garbage, remedy too much wasted paper, food scraps, etc), organize a waste reduction campaign, then reflect on results.

Schools in the Service-Learning Waste Reduction Project (SLWRP) are eligible to receive facilitated waste audit support.

Linked below are tools to help you conduct your own waste audit and action project at your school. Thanks to teacher Julie Edwards from Emery Secondary for her help in putting together the Waste Audit Data Sheet. These are great tools for leading students through data collection and analysis for the audit. Please share your results in the comment section below or by contacting Nate Ivy: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.